Do you think card counting is legal? Many people choose pokerace99 site to play Blackjack using this method in order to avoid cheating. Many land-based casinos think card counting is illegal. This is the way used by many players to win the big jackpot of Blackjack and since there are so many professional players can win it using that method, casinos banned it. However, card counting is absolutely legal because it uses the real thought and self-calculation from players to win. Gambling online might be the best place for you to learn about card counting and use it well without being disturbed.

How to Use Card Counting in Blackjack of Gambling Online

Card counting is the legal technique you can use to get the advantage of gambling online through Blackjack game. Despite the legality, land-based casinos refuse the players to use this method to play Blackjack. The reason is simply because casinos don’t want to lose much money for players. However, when you want to use this method, you must take it so serious because you can’t just learn it in short time since you need mathematical lesson in order to apply this method perfectly with human errors.

To master the card counting, you need patience and of course, skill. When you already master the method so well, then you can play directly on the real table with real money just like the Ken Uston. Though Uston didn’t need much time to master card counting, it doesn’t mean that you can do like what Uston did because Uston was the genius in numbers and perhaps, ordinary people need more time. In the card counting, you need to know the card values as the standard used in 52-card deck without joker such as:

  • 2 to 6 valued cards are given +1 or plus one as the value
  • 7 to 9 valued cards are given zero
  • 10 to Ace valued are given -1 or minus one

When the cards are dealt, the player needs to add or maybe subtract the value of 1 or they can do nothing if they get zero based on the mentioned point. It is known as running count and the players keep track of their own concentration for the low and high cards in the shoe deck. If the running count value decreases, the casino will get the advantage. Once you establish the running count, you need to formulate the running count based on total value of every deck based on running count.

The players should change the bets based on the values. The card counting of Blackjack will go as the following: if the count is rather higher and the player has to increase the bet or when the count is rather low and the player has to decrease the bet. It is known as hi-lo system. Understand this system well in before putting the bet on pokerace99.

Know Ken Uston, The Genius in Card Counting of Gambling Online

Ken Uston had inspired people to play Blackjack with card counting system and gambling online is the perfect place to apply the method. Ken Uston was known as the genius player in the history of Blackjack. He could beat the house using card counting technique. He had inspired the people to play Blackjack using online poker site because in some land-based casinos, card counting is banned. However, before playing and placing your bet on Blackjack, you need to know about who Ken Uston was and why he was remembered by many people as the greatest Blackjack player ever.