A Letter from DNC Secretary Emeritus Alice Germond

Dear DNC Family,

I am writing you today as I savor the mighty Women’s Marches all across America and my despair of the commencement of Donald Trump’s Presidency. It was a remarkable week-end. The question in our minds: what now?

We, the Democratic Party, are embodied in our DNC. Every state, territory and Democrat abroad, every constituency, passion and hope must soon answer the same question: What now? Our nation demands it.

We are fortunate. We have a talented field of candidates who want to lead us. As the long-time former Secretary of the DNC and a member since 1980, I know how hard this job is and I thank them.

I was a fervent Hillary supporter, the anticipation of her Presidency delicious and empowering. And yes, my heart soared when I listened to Bernie’s energizing call to the progressive ideals our Party holds dear. We need all of us.

So, I went to Denver and Phoenix and watched other forums over the internet. I read platforms and met either formally or in quiet conversation with almost every candidate. I studied how they ran their campaigns, listened, rallied folks and championed their beliefs, because this matters.

And after much deliberation, the answer for me became clear.

  • One candidate is best able to unify the Sanders and the Clinton supporters together.
  • One candidate brought 300 plus young activists to a Friday night rally in Phoenix and has a plan for engaging them and us.
  • One candidate listened to our concerns so deeply that he is willing to give up his congressional seat to serve our Party.
  • One candidate is so strong an organizer that his district’s voting numbers have increased.
  • One candidate has an actual record of standing with us on the very issues we champion in our platform.
  • In this Orwellian world where “Alternate Facts” are spewed from the WH Press Podium, one candidate has sent us material rich with the true facts surrounding the proposed Cabinet.

While the painful echoes of America First reverberate – or not – across America and the world, one candidate particularly embodies what we love about our nation, our immigrants, our constitution and where we, the Democratic Party stands.

Just a few final thoughts. As some of you may recall, I was the Political Director for Ron Brown when he ran for Chairman in a similar time in our history. He had been Reverend Jesse Jackson’s convention chair, though, like the candidate I am supporting, had a long history of activism before that election year. Colleagues whom I cherish had doubts. But the record speaks clearly, people across America met and loved his enthusiasm and optimism and strength. Money came into our Party because of issues he spoke to and the organization he created and the candidates he encouraged. We elected Democratic Governors in NJ and VA in 1990. And then we elected a Democratic President.

I always, always, always want to be proud of my Party. I want our next Chairman to bring out the best in each and every one of us,to have a proven record, to seek our counsel, to inspire and mobilize us, to make us and those who would join this, the oldest Party in this great democracy, welcome in fighting for our future. 

Please join me in supporting Keith Ellison for Chairman of our Democratic National Committee.


Alice Germond
DNC Secretary Emeritus