We will work to bring the staffs together of major Labor Partners, DGA, DSCC, DLCC, DMO, DAGA, DASS, DCCC, NDCO, Democratic State Treasurers, Conference of Democratic Mayors and any other national committee that works to get Democrats elected. 

Our work must center around how we engage with these and other progressive allies in party rebuilding, including vision and message development, constituency outreach, and grassroots mobilization.

We will work together to develop a strategic memorandum of understanding of what partners need from the DNC and areas where we hope to collaborate on work moving forward.

We will also create the path to study and disseminate best practices for effective field organizing to candidates on all level and work to establish turnout goals encouraging local, state and federal candidates to boost turnout in their seats compared to the last comparable election, with separate goals for new and infrequent voters.