Engaging rural voters is essential to stem the tide of Electoral College gains made by Donald Trump. Getting rural voters engaged at all levels – from local party units, to running for office, to leadership in the DNC – is critical to the future success of the Democratic Party. 

The DNC must: 

  1. Organize in 3,143 counties across the country.
  2. Launch a nationwide organizing tour in rural counties that were won by Obama and lost by Clinton or won by local Democrats and lost by national Democrats. 
  3. Ensure rural voices are provided an expanded role in day to day DNC decision-making. 
  4. Build a database of rural elected officials who represent the Democratic Party and places where Democrats could win local seats.
  5. Develop a national Rural County Chairs Association to advise the DNC on policy, electoral opportunities and messaging.
  6. Set turnout goals to boost Democratic turnout in rural areas. 
  7. Recruit Democrats to run for co-op boards.