The first 100 days requires a substantial investment in quick infrastructure that can continued to be scaled over time and helps us better connect with the grassroots of our party.

Our first priority working with partner organizations is to develop a comprehensive list of every Democrat who is elected to partisan office across the country, their contact information and their date of re-election. We will also work to track down individuals who identify with our party but are elected to nonpartisan office. 

From there we will work to build our state and local toolkit aimed at helping candidates and local and state parties to succeed. That toolkit will be scalable overtime but will include:

  • Planning: Assisting with development of political, field and communications plans
  • Communications: Daily talking points, clips and shareable graphics
  • Research: Rapid-response research on policy proposals that harm working Americans
  • Technology: Expanded tech tools like standard software apps and website templates to ensure Presidential campaign innovations make it all the way down the ballot
  • Fundraising: Knowledge sharing, effective donor models and shared donor research to build effective state-based fundraising programs
  • Vendors: Vendor database with reviews on performance, quality and price
  • Surrogates: Assign dedicated staff to assist state and local parties with securing surrogates for key events

We will continue the excellent work of Interim Chair Donna Brazile and secure the internal technology infrastructure of the party and create a permanent cybersecurity advisory group to stay ahead of future cyberattacks. We will also expand membership to include technologists and policy experts from the business community and government.

We will help better communicate between state parties, DNC members and the DNC by providing a constantly updatable list of all staff working at the DNC and what their core functions of support are. 

Finally, we will make sure that every state party gets a voter file update. We will work closely with state parties and the National Voter File Cooperative to identify opportunities to expand work with national progressive partners.