Latino engagement strategy

The future of the Democratic Party, quite simply, depends on whether it can earn the support of the Latino community. As America’s largest and one of the fastest growing minorities, it is the Democratic Party that must prove itself deserving of Latino support. 

And Keith gets it. That’s why, as DNC Chair, he will make it a priority to advance the interests of Hispanic voters everywhere. Interests that don’t only include immigration reform, but also climate change, universal health care, voting rights, good-paying jobs, and a quality public school education. 

Keith will also advance Latino leadership, engage Latino millennials, and defend Latinos against abusive politicians like Donald Trump, who kicked off his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “drug-dealers,” and just recently signed an executive order to build a wall along our Southern border. And it goes without saying that we must defend DACA/DAPA tooth and nail, for the lives of more than 700,000 DREAMers are at stake. 

Importantly, Keith will follow through on all this. He already has a long track record of standing up for what’s right, of being there for Latinos -- from being arrested in 2013 during the Washington DC immigration rally, to joining a Miami protest just this month against Republican Mayor Carlos Gimenez, who caved into Donald Trump’s demands and decided to strip Miami-Dade of its status as a sanctuary city. And he will be there for them as the next Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

Finally, Keith is not afraid to say that we have a serious turnout issue (in fact, as a New York Times article pointed out “Latinos accounted for 11 percent of the votes cast [in 2016] the same as 2012”) and he’s ready to do something about it.  

The Latino community has made extraordinary contributions to our country in the arts, education, business, medicine, and every field of endeavor, and we have a responsibility to make clear that they have a home in the Democratic Party. Because it’s the truth, and in order to be a friend, you have to be a friend. 

Keith's Strategy

  • Commit to a full-time constituency staff-person for the Hispanic Caucus, and to having at least one person in each DNC Department who is fluent in Spanish. 
  • Make sure that the entire DNC staff represents the diversity of America, with an intentional hiring process that creates a diverse applicant pool and candidate selection. 
  • Foster relationships with Latino-owned businesses and ensure they have access to DNC supply opportunities.
  • Hire a Latino pollster who can help guide the DNC’s outreach to the Hispanic community, as well as conduct regular messaging meetings with National and regional Hispanic stakeholders.
  • Ensure the creation of a database of Hispanic Democratic officials and engage them regularly, and promote Hispanic Democratic candidates in partnership with other party campaign arms.
  • Ensure the creation of a database of Latino organizations that focus not just on immigration reform, but also on climate change, universal healthcare, and other issues of importance to the Latino community, and engage them regularly. 
  • Create DNC-sponsored candidate training programs to win local races, and make sure that Hispanic candidates are ready to run for office across the country. In the process, the DNC should engage with Hispanic business leaders, operatives, and all others who want to build our party’s bench. 
  • Prioritize adding young Latinos to the Democratic National Committee and create a pipeline for people from across the Latino spectrum to better engage at all levels of the party. In addition, create and promote opportunities for Latino youth to serve at local campaign efforts.
  • Reach out to Latino veterans – from those who have served in World War II to those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan recently – and make sure that we’re addressing their concerns and fighting on their behalf.
  • Increase in-language voting assistance and outreach. We must restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act and ensure that the protections that still exist, including voter assistance and the provision of bilingual voting materials in required jurisdictions, are enforced. 
  • Visit states with large Hispanic populations, like California, Florida, and Texas, but also states that have the fastest growing Hispanic populations, like South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.
  • Ensure increased presence and/or participation by the DNC at key Latino community and leadership gatherings around the country and territories. 
  • Speak up any time that the Latino community is disproportionately affected by a piece of legislation or an executive action of the President.