We need to change the belief that rural voters have about the Democratic Party. We need to effectively communicate inclusion, respect and a sense of common opportunity. Our economic message and values are exactly what rural voters are asking for. In many places, we either have the wrong messenger or have just failed at delivering the message.

The DNC must: 

  1. Involve rural Democratic leaders in developing messaging for rural areas.
  2. Develop a database of all rural radio stations and newspapers and contact information.
  3. Develop, recruit, train and book surrogates for rural radio and TV.
  4. Create a nationwide letter to the editor outreach program for rural newspapers.
  5. Look for regular opportunities for Democratic surrogates on rural radio.
  6. Engage with co-op boards on messaging that moves voters. 
  7. Set a quarterly meet-up strategy in rural counties where voters gather at the house of a Democrat and connect with rural voters across the country engaging in conversations to boost rural turnout.
  8. Work with local, state and national elected officials on legislation that improves the conditions of rural Americans.