In addition to being the largest and most diverse generation in American history, Millennials are taking big life steps and undergoing a transformative series of firsts: first baby, first house, or first time starting a business. The DNC must speak to how the Democratic Party will help Millennials as they engage in the daunting world ahead of them. 

The party must also combat feelings of alienation and apathy, creating an overarching national narrative that focuses on community building.

The DNC must: 

  1. Work with governors and other state elected officials to highlight policies like: housing, healthcare, pay equity, and early childhood education and how they provide better choices and support for young families.
  2. Work with local officials and state parties to ensure we have data on the needs of Millennial voters in their state and aid in developing state-specific stories and policies.
  3. Work with state parties to build opportunities that foster local action. For instance, most state parties have a Young Democrat of the Year. We should host these up and comers in DC or an electoral battleground, provide training, and deepen their relationship with the party.