Washington, DC – Keith Ellison announced two major endorsements for his candidacy to become Chair of the DNC, from Lee Saunders, DNC Member and President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and Randi Weingarten, President of American Federation of Teachers.

“Keith Ellison is a principled progressive, a shrewd strategist and one of the nation’s most tenacious fighters for working families,” said Saunders. “He’s as comfortable in the union hall as he is in the halls of Congress, and he is exactly the right person to lead a diverse, dynamic Democratic Party at this critical time. Keith understands that the party’s strength is at the grassroots. He will invest in voter programs and build party infrastructure from the bottom up. As a superb organizer, a talented communicator and a keen listener, he’s got all the attributes a successful party chair needs. As a DNC member, I am proud to personally endorse his candidacy and look forward to working with him.”

“Keith Ellison is a fierce fighter for all working people and our families,” said Weingarten. “His track record as an organizer and a Congressman shows it. He has a clear vision for what our party represents, and knows how to build the grassroots strategy needed to engage people and bring us all together around our aspirations for the future. He has spent his career fighting for an economy where Americans can earn a good living and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect regardless of their race, religion or creed. His leadership will be guided by a passion to improve people’s lives.”

“The future of the party and our country rests on listening to the hopes of the American people and making sure government acts in a way that allows people to achieve their dreams,” Weingarten added. “Americans must trust that Democrats are on their side if we hope to take back White House and Congress. Keith knows what it takes to build that trust and strengthen the party infrastructure in all our communities throughout this country.

“Keith is a fierce fighter both for working people and against the bigotry and hate that create obstacles to real opportunity and dignity,” said Weingarten. “Based on what I have seen and heard from Keith and from the community he represents in Minneapolis, I am confident that he has strongly and unequivocally rebuked all forms of bias, including the anti-Semitism expressed by Rev. Farrakhan.”