Campaign Report: Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Monday, November 28, 2016

Via Press Release

Washington, DC – Two weeks after announcing he was running for DNC Chair, Keith Ellison released the following report on his campaign. 

  • Fundraising: More than $140,000 raised since announcing the campaign.
    • Average Donation: $19
  • Endorsements: More than 100 elected officials, party leaders, activists, and organizations across the country have endorsed Keith for DNC, including:
    • 6 Current and Former Democratic Party Leaders
    • 6 State Party Chairs and Vice-Chairs (MN, WI, NE, and HI)
    • 9 United State Senators or Senator-elects
    • 20 Members of the House of Representatives or Member-elects
    • 11 Current and Former State leaders
    • 29 City Officials and Local Leaders
    • 10 Advocacy and Labor Leaders
    • 11 Progressive Organizations

See comprehensive list here.

  • Petition Signees: More than 550,000 people have signed on to a petition supporting Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.
  • Keith Ellison was the only DNC Chair candidate to attend the Democratic Municipal Officials Board Meeting. Keith spoke with dozens of local level Democrats and asked for their support. 
  • Keith Ellison was the only DNC Chair candidate to attend the California Democratic Party Executive Board Meeting and speak to their membership.