Keith Ellison Releases Asian American, Latino, and African American Engagement Strategies

Monday, February 13, 2017

Via Press Release

WASHINGTON DC – Keith Ellison released engagement strategies for Asian American/Pacific Islanders, Latinos, and African American constituencies. Each plan features a detailed strategy on how the DNC can better engage communities that reliably vote Democratic.

The plans include, but are not limited to:

AAPI Strategy:

  • Increasing in-language voting assistance and outreach. We must restore the full protections of the Voting Rights Act and ensure that the protections that still exist, including voter assistance and the provision of bilingual voting materials in required jurisdictions, are enforced.
  • Prioritize adding young, diverse AAPIs to the Democratic National Committee and create a pipeline for people from across the AAPI spectrum to better engage at all levels of the party. 
  • Visit Guam, the Northern Marianas and American Samoa in 2017 and ensure that the Territories participate fully in the State Partnership Program, and have access to needed resources.
  • Work to ensure increased presence and/or participation by the DNC at key AAPI community and leadership gatherings around the country and territories. The huge diversity within the AAPI community also necessitates conducting outreach through culturally specific networks, including religious institutions and language schools. 

Latino Strategy:

  • Commit to a full-time constituency staff-person for the Hispanic Caucus, and to having at least one person in each DNC Department who is fluent in Spanish. 
  • Hire a Latino pollster who can help guide the DNC’s outreach to the Hispanic community, as well as conduct regular messaging meetings with National and regional Hispanic stakeholders.
  • Ensure the creation of a database of Hispanic Democratic officials and engage them regularly, and promote Hispanic Democratic candidates in partnership with other party campaign arms.
  • Ensure the creation of a database of Latino organizations that focus not just on immigration reform, but also on climate change, universal healthcare, and other issues of importance to the Latino community, and engage them regularly.  

African American Strategy:

  • Support grassroots engagement and training of African-American Democrats around the country.
  • Ensure that state party black caucuses are active and engaging with each other to share best practices and promote local and state surrogates, and with the DNC.
  • Set aggressive goals on the percentage of external vendor contracts and make sure that the DNC staff represents the diversity of America.
  • Make significant investments in African-American media to reach the community while investing in minority outlets that are often overlooked.
  • Create opportunities to include perspectives from the African-American community in all modeling, analytics, and polling questions.