All DNC Voting Members in Five States Support Keith Ellison

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Via Press Release

WASHINGTON DC – Keith Ellison announced he has received support from every DNC voting member in Minnesota, Nebraska, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont. After the final DNC Future Forum, the Ellison campaign has created momentum in the final weeks of the race, as he has solidified his appeal across the country and outside of the beltway. 

Vote breakdown: 

  • Minnesota: 8 votes
  • Nebraska: 4 votes
  • Rhode Island: 4 votes
  • South Dakota: 4 votes
  • Vermont: 5 votes

“As State Party leaders, we are aware of the challenges building our Parties to win up and down the ballot while simultaneously trying to build long-lasting political infrastructure. In order for us to do that we need a leader at the DNC who understands and values the role of State Parties. Keith Ellison is that leader.” – Ken Martin (Chair of the Minnesota DFL)

“For Democrats in the Heartland, who are now leaders of our state Democratic Party, let us cut right to the chase—we need Rep. Ellison as Chair of the Democratic National Committee. This time around, we need a leader at the DNC who understands what the word grassroots organizing actually means and who embraces rural and urban state parties with an actual plan. The only person to fit these job descriptions is Rep. Keith Ellison.” – Jane Kleeb (Chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party)

“Rhode Island is proud to have voted Democrat in the last Presidential election, and to be among the many political and elected leaders nationwide who will vote for Congressman Ellison as our Party’s next leader. In the aftermath of this nation’s elections, it’s clear we need someone who can work at a grassroots level, mobilize energy and support on social and economic justice issues, and rebuild our Democratic base. Congressman Ellison has the ideas, passion and skills to get this job done.” – Joseph M. McNamara (Chair of the Rhode Island Democratic Party)

“South Dakotans support Congressman Keith Ellison for DNC Chair because he truly understands what it will take to move our party forward and will have the backbone to fight for what our party stands for. He will ensure that our party leaves no one out. Congressman Ellison is a transformational leader that will bring our party together again.“ –  Joe Lowe (Vice- Chair of South Dakota State Democratic Party)

“Keith is a vibrant, natural leader who connects with a broad range of working voters, including younger new voters and those not now participating in the process. He is also from the heartland, where we need to re-connect with a whole range of working voter, and he understands the well-articulated calls for a real 50-state strategy, which concentrates long-term on strong state parties, not just presidential elections every four years. I’m so impressed with all of the candidates, but Vermonters will vote for Keith Ellison in Atlanta in late February.” – Tim Jerman (Vice-Chair of the Vermont State Democratic Party)