DNC Chair Candidate Ray Buckley Throws Support Behind Keith Ellison

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Via Press Release

WASHINGTON DC – New Hampshire Democratic State Party Chair Ray Buckley and Congressman Keith Ellison released the following statements announcing Chairman Buckley’s support for Keith Ellison for DNC Chair:

“From the moment I stepped into this race, I made it clear that the top two priorities of the next DNC Chair must be to strengthen state parties and reform the DNC,” said Ray Buckley. “Now, many candidates have spoken about these issues, but Keith’s commitment to the states and a transparent and accountable DNC has stood out. He knows elections are not won and lost in the beltway, but on the ground across the country. His plan, in fact, shared many of the same ideas and principles as my own. We both believe in investing in all 50 states, Democrats Abroad, and the territories, providing support and resources to help state parties succeed, and organizing in every county across this great country. And here’s the thing, we both have a track record of winning elections. While it was a tremendous honor to run for DNC Chair over the past few months, I am proud to throw my support behind Keith so we can ensure that the next Chair of the DNC is dedicated to investing in and strengthening state parties and ensuring that the DNC is an accountable organization. As I've talked to the DNC membership, it's clear Keith has widespread support, and I know as our next DNC Chair Keith will successfully unite and grow our party.”

“There is no better example of a strong state party than the New Hampshire Democratic Party, and we have Ray Buckley to thank for that,” said Keith Ellison. “Democrats in the Granite State have an incredible track record, winning 11 out of the last 13 statewide elections. That’s because of the decades of work by Ray, who believes, like I do, that the Democratic Party must strengthen and empower our state and local parties. Throughout this race I’ve heard loud and clear from DNC Members that this is a moment to use all our talents to rebuild the party from the grassroots up. That is why I am proud to have Ray’s support. More importantly, the model that Ray has built in New Hampshire and his work as the President of the ASDC is something that we need as we rebuild all 57 state parties. When we have a successful outcome in Atlanta next week, I have asked him to lead our effort to provide the support and resources the state parties need in a new and innovative 57 state strategy. Because in this fight against Donald Trump and Republican-controlled states, we need every state party firing on all cylinders. That’s how we take our country back, and I cannot be more proud to have Ray Buckley by my side in this fight.”