John A. Pérez Endorses Keith Ellison

Saturday, February, 2017

Via Press Release

ATLANTA – In announcing his endorsement of Ellison for DNC Chair, California Assembly Speaker Emeritus John A. Pérez, who in 2012 led the charge in California to elect a super majority of Democrats in the state legislature and who also serves as a member of the Democratic National Committee from California, remarked:

"The field of candidates for DNC chair is a reflection of the great diversity and dynamism of our Democratic Party. After giving this careful thought and getting to know each of the very capable leaders who are running for this important position, I have decided to throw my strong support behind Keith Ellison for Chair. I believe he is the manifestation of a unified Democratic Party. He's smart, a true consensus-builder, battle-tested, and has proven that he's got both the tenacity and the fortitude that we, as Democrats, need to take on Donald Trump's hatred and division while simultaneously focusing on rebuilding our national party so that we can elect more Democrats up and down the ballot in every corner of America."