NBC News: Haley Will Face Questions Over Her “Limited Foreign Policy Experience.”  In November 2016 NBC News reported, “Haley's limited foreign policy experience is likely to draw scrutiny during her Senate confirmation hearings.”  [NBC News, 11/23/16]

Washington Post On Haley: “She Is Considered A Novice In International Affairs.”  In November 2016 the Washington Post wrote, “Haley, 44, who is serving her second term as governor, has worked on trade and labor issues and traveled abroad as governor, including to Europe. She is considered a novice in international affairs, but her home state senator, Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), appeared to be trying to buck up her foreign policy bona fides in a statement praising Haley on Wednesday.”  [Washington Post, 11/23/16]

Politco: Haley Has No Foreign Policy Experience And Her Views On Many Things Were Unknown.  In November 2016 Politico wrote, “Haley has never served in federal government. She also lacks obvious foreign policy experience, and little is known about her stance on contentious topics such as how to end the war in Syria.”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

UN Official: Haley Is Such A Foreign Policy Novice That There Are No Expectations.  In November 2016 Politico wrote, “’She's such an unknown in foreign policy space that its kind of hard to tell what to expect,’ one U.N. official said.”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

Foreign Policy Experts Decried Haley’s Complete Lack Of Experience.  In November 2016 CNN published commentary from a South Carolina reporter that read, “Foreign policy experts are meanwhile wringing their hands over Haley's lack of experience. "I mean, there may have been foreign policy types who passed through South Carolina, I think there's a BMW factory there," David Rothkopf, editor of Foreign Policy magazine, said during an interview on MSNBC while making clear he thought she would be a terrible choice.”  [CNN, 11/17/16]

Foreign Policy Expert: Haley Will Have A Steep Learning Curve Due To A Lack Of Foreign Policy Experience.  In November 2016 Politico wrote, “Richard Gowan, a senior fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations and close follower of the United Nations, said there will be a lot of relief around the institution that they’re not getting a person from the Bush-vs.-the-U.N. era.”  And, “Still, there is much unknown about how Haley will approach the job, given her lack of international experience. Obama’s two U.N. ambassadors, by comparison, were established experts about the organization. At the same time, Gowan expects that the political situations in places not on the president-elect’s radar, like the Central African Republic and South Sudan, to only worsen, which will mean a ‘hellishly steep learning curve for Haley,’ he said.”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

Foreign Policy Expert: Haley’s Appointment May Be Seen As A Gift By The Russian Ambassador.  In November 2016 Politico wrote, “’She’s going to be going up against Russia’s ambassador Vitaly Churkin — who has been here a decade,’ Gowan said. ‘The Russian’s have been able to outmaneuver the U.S. on several fronts this year so I think Churkin will see this as a great Thanksgiving gift. There will be a lot of concern about that imbalance.’”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

Politico: Haley’s Lack Of Experience May Leave Her At A Disadvantage With Russia.  In November 2016 Politico wrote, “Her political background means she’ll be well suited for much of the retail diplomacy that comes with this posting. But when it comes to machinations with the Security Council’s permanent members — and Russia in particular — her lack of experience may be a disadvantage.”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

Haley’s Only Foreign Policy Experience Consists Of A Few International Trade Missions.  In November 2016 the Charleston Post and Courier wrote, “The 44-year-old’s chief foreign work centers on negotiating with international companies seeking economic development deals in the state and leading seven overseas trade missions as governor. Her husband, Michael, was deployed for nearly a year in Afghanistan with the S.C. National Guard in 2013.  Recent UN ambassadors typically have experience in presidential administrations, usually with the State Department or National Security Council. The post would be Haley’s first in the federal government.”  [Charleston Post and Courier, 11/23/16]

Haley Was Criticized For One Of Her Trade Missions For Spending $127K In Taxpayer Money On Luxury Hotels And Expensive Parties. In November 2016 Politico wrote, “For one of those trips, a 2011 trade mission to Europe, Haley drew fire for costing South Carolina taxpayers $127,000, staying at fancy hotels and attending swanky parties.”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

Haley Diplomatically Lashed Out At The Reporter That Ran The Story. In November 2016 Politico wrote, “She lashed out at the Post Courier reporter who wrote a critical story about the trip, calling her a “little girl” (Haley later apologized).”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

The Charleston Post And Courier Detailed Haley’s Foreign Policy Experience: 8 Trips To Trade Shows.  In November 2016 the Charleston Post and Courier wrote:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has taken at least eight trips to other countries since taking office in 2011.  The trips have been to mainly attend trade shows and meet with potential economic development prospects.  She has visited Germany most, taking three trips to the country with the headquarters for automaker BMW, which has its only U.S. plant in Greer.  Haley has visited Sweden twice with Volvo building its first North American auto plant in Berkeley County.  She attended air shows as part of South Carolina landing Boeing's only jet manufacturing plant outside the Seattle area.

2011 - Paris air show/BMW's headquarters visit in Germany

2012 - London air show

2012 - Japan trade mission

2013 - Frankfurt auto show

2014 - Canada trade mission

2014 - India trade mission

2015 - Sweden (Secret visit for Volvo plant negotiations)

2015 - Frankfurt auto show/Sweden trade mission”  

[Charleston Post and Courier, 11/23/16]


Haley Asked The State Department Not To Send Syrian Refugees To South Carolina In 2015.  In November 2016 Politico wrote, “In 2015, Haley was one of several governors who asked the State Department not to resettle Syrian refugees in their states, citing a “lack of historical and verifiable intelligence” on their identities. Governors lack the power to stop the resettlement, however — and South Carolina today hosts several dozen refugees from Syria.”  [Politico, 11/23/16]

Haley Said Refugee Resettlement To South Carolina Had To Stop Because Of 9/11.  In November 2015 the Washington Post wrote, “South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said genuine fears of possible terrorist attacks, rather than politics, had spurred calls to halt the process.  ‘This is very much about the fact that 9/11 is too close in our memory,’ she said, referring to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. ‘We will continue to let everyone know that this is something that puts everybody at risk, Republicans and Democrats, and something has to be done. And if he does choose to veto, we’re not going to stop.’”  [Washington Post, 11/18/15]

CBS News: “Haley Says She Supports Allowing Persecuted Immigrants To Come To South Carolina -- As Long As They're Not From Syria.”  In November 2015 CBS News reported, “Gov. Nikki Haley says she supports allowing persecuted immigrants to come to South Carolina -- as long as they're not from Syria.  Republicans in the state Legislature called on Haley to oppose all international refugees. But the Republican governor said as long as nothing changes in who is being resettled in the state, neither will her stance.”  [CBS News, 11/16/15]
Haley Was Concerned About Refugees And Asked Sec. Kerry To Stop Sending Refugees To South Carolina.  In July 2016 the Charleston Post and Courier wrote, “The growing numbers concern Haley, who last November asked Secretary of State John Kerry to halt resettlement of Syrian refugees in the state until receiving assurances that proper security checks were completed.”  [Charleston Post and Courier, 07/13/16]