Keith knows that Democrats win when we empower the grassroots and fight for the issues that improve people’s lives. This election cycle, Democrats failed to motivate enough people to show up at the ballot box. Since 2008, Democrats have lost some 935 legislative seats and Republicans now control two thirds of governors’ offices.

It’s time for a change.

We must energize Democratic activists across the country and give them the tools to build the Party from the bottom up. Beyond a 50-state strategy, we need a 3,143-county strategy. DNC members are on the front lines in these states and counties, and we must harness your experience and give you a meaningful voice as we set the direction for the Party. In a DNC Chair, you need a partner and an advocate who will ensure you have the resources you need to win.

We must also reclaim our history as the Party that stands with working people. We can start with our platform — the most
progressive in history — which calls for a living wage, requiring the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share, and comprehensive immigration reform. We will never stop fighting attempts by the Trump White House (which lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes), Republican-controlled states, and special interests to roll back affordable health care, worker wages and protections, and a woman’s right to choose. We will stand up for people of all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations to foster a more inclusive, fair society and create an economy that works for all Americans.

Our Party is right. Our values are just. Our future depends on grassroots organizing. When Democrats champion the challenges of working families, voters will have a reason to show up at the polls in 2017, 2018 and beyond.


Keith is a career organizer. A tireless advocate, he pounds the pavement during labor strikes, has a passion for door knocking, and traveled to nearly 30 states in the last two years working for Democratic candidates at all levels. His active grassroots campaigns have helped boost voter turnout in his district to one of the highest in the country.


Keith has strong support from an expansive national network of progressive advocates and labor leaders, and a demonstrated ability to speak to and excite Democratic activists around the country.


Keith campaigned nonstop for Secretary Clinton in the general election after being an early supporter of Senator Sanders. He knows Democrats must be unified to push back the right wing and maximize the electoral opportunities of a Trump presidency.

Keith has raised millions for the DCCC, state and local parties, and Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.


Keith is one of the best, most popular messengers we have. He will stand against Trump’s efforts to divide and marginalize our allies and friends, bringing a war-room mentality to the DNC to take on the Trump White House and right-wing legislatures.


1. PUTTING VOTERS FIRST - We need to prioritize a grassroots focus on voter turnout.

PROGRESSIVE PARTNERS: Engage with progressive allies in party rebuilding, including vision and message development, constituency outreach, and grassroots mobilization.

ORGANIZING BEST PRACTICES: Study and disseminate best practices for effective field organizing to candidates on all levels. Resurrect DNC-led national training programs.

TURNOUT GOALS: Encourage local, state and federal candidates to set goals to boost turnout by 3-7% over the last comparable election, with separate goals for new and infrequent voters.

NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION: DNC-led, collaborative effort with national, state and local partners to boost registration and look for ways to streamline and improve programs.

COLLABORATIVE CAMPAIGNING: Work with party committees including DMO, DLCC, DGA, DCCC and DSCC to align priorities, reduce redundancy, improve operations, and build robust national and state coordinated tables.

VOTER ENFRANCHISEMENT: DNC-level planning to protect against voter suppression and to promote laws that encourage voter participation, including automatic voter registration, early voting and vote by mail.

2. BEYOND THE BELTWAY - Elections are won and lost on the ground in states and local communities.

STRENGTHENED STATE AND LOCAL PARTIES: Increase State Partnership Project funding to a base of $10,000/month, with additional dedicated funding available for state and local parties to apply for to build programs for core work, with metrics for success.

REDISTRICTING: Convene all interested stakeholders to develop a shared, aggressive strategy to win back state legislatures and governors for 2020 redistricting to create fair and impartial maps.

BUILD A BENCH: DNC-sponsored candidate training programs to win local races, creating diverse qualified candidates ready to run for higher office. Measure long-term performance at recruiting diverse candidates.

REGIONAL STAFF: Locate strategic DNC staff across the country to allow more interaction between staff and our candidates and party infrastructure.

STATE AND LOCAL TOOLKIT: The DNC should provide additional resources to help state and local parties succeed, including:

  • Planning: Assisting with development of political, field and communications plans
  • Communications: Daily talking points, clips and shareable graphics
  • Research: Rapid-response research on policy proposals that harm working Americans
  • Technology: Expanded tech tools like standard software apps and website templates to ensure Presidential campaign innovations make it all the way down the ballot
  • Fundraising: Knowledge sharing, effective donor models and shared donor research to build effective state-based fundraising programs
  • Vendors: Vendor database with reviews on performance, quality and price
  • Surrogates: Assign dedicated staff to assist state and local parties with securing surrogatesfor key events
3. FOCUS ON WORKING PEOPLE - Voters must know that Democrats stand for them.

LABOR AS A FULL PARTNER: Build meaningful relationships with the labor community as a strategic and tactical partner in the fight for the interests of working people. Commit to using only 100% union hotels, venues and vendors
when possible.

DIRECT ENGAGEMENT WITH WORKING VOTERS: Roundtables, listening sessions and direct voter contact in areas where Democrats underperformed in 2016 compared to previous elections.

LOW-DOLLAR FUNDRAISING: Actively pursue grassroots fundraising, setting a goal that low-dollar contributions from everyday Americans account for 33% of revenue. Boost revenues of the Dollars for Democrats and State Party Victory Fund programs, and make it easier for state parties to target effective direct mail and phone fundraising. 

4. ACCOUNTABILITY & INCLUSION - DNC stakeholders must have an active voice in shaping our Party.
Group Shot (BRIGHT) (1).png

TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION: Open up lines of communication within the Party, ensuring that all have a voice in how their Party operates. This would include monthly calls with state party chairs and regional calls with county parties and local organizations.

TRANSPARENCY: Regular briefings and programmatic updates from the Chair and Department Directors to the DNC Executive Committee and state party chairs.

METRICS: Develop metrics to measure the success of DNC programs and hold ourselves accountable to achieving our goal of turning out the vote.

YOUTH VOICES: Ensure that groups like Young Democrats and College Democrats have a seat at the table, DNC financial support, and an expanded voice in decision making.

DIVERSE STAFF: DNC staff must reflect the diversity of America, with an intentional hiring process that creates a diverse applicant pool and candidate selection. The DNC should also value staff with a record of success in state and local parties in particular.

EFFECTIVE CONSTITUENCY OUTREACH: Designate an outreach and organizing staff lead for each of the constituency communities in the charter and bylaws.

BUILD CAPACITY: Where possible, the DNC should hire internally, rather than hire vendors or consultants, to build Party knowledge and infrastructure.

DIVERSE CONTRACTS: Set aggressive goals for the percentage of external vendor contracts from Rising American Electorate vendors.

NEUTRALITY: Begin development of the 2020 presidential primary debate schedule as early as practicable, and seek DNC Executive Committee endorsement of the schedule. Convene a weekly working group of presidential campaign representatives during the primary season for briefings on DNC activity. Support a successful process from the Unity Reform Commission to institute superdelegate reform.

5. TECHNOLOGY - Bring innovation and security to all levels of the Party.

POLLING AND ANALYTICS POST-MORTEM: Convene a working group to assess polling and analytics from this cycle and create an executable plan to improve performance.

CYBERSECURITY: Create a permanent cybersecurity advisory group to stay ahead of future cyberattacks. Expand membership to include technologists and policy experts from the business community and government.

DATA ACCESS: Ensure state party access to HFA data and future presidential campaign data.

INNOVATION: Open an Innovation Hub in Silicon Valley to tap the talents of our top innovators.

COST SHARING: Work to create national cost sharing and bulk purchasing opportunities for new hardware and software.

VOTER FILE ENHANCEMENTS: Work with state parties to enhance the tools and data on the voter file. Also, work closely with state parties and the National Voter File Cooperative to identify opportunities to expand work with national progressive partners.


Take Keith's plan for the future of our party with you.