The Republican National Committee and the Koch Network have targeted rural voters as critical in their efforts to win nationwide. We saw the effect of this spending on Election Day. Our ability to win back Governorships, Senate seats and Legislative races is directly correlated to winning in rural America. 

The DNC must: 

  1. Invest in programs to engage rural voters and increase Democratic vote share.
  2. Provide frequent and accessible trainings on the state and local level to rural counties, candidates and campaign staff.
  3. Locate full-time staff based across the United States focused on rural voters and outreach.
  4. Research and refine rural messenger and communication outreach strategies. 
  5. Promote nationwide vote-by-mail for rural voters who can vote-by-mail but don’t automatically receive ballots.
  6. Build a national model of likelihood of service as a precinct chair for state and local parties to build their local leadership bench.
  7. Collaborate with local counties and state parties to develop a nationwide database of rural events for visibility and direct contact. 
  8. Initiate a county candidates recruitment program with trainings on how to recruit and prepare to run for local office to begin building a candidate bench.

Most importantly, the DNC will provide dedicated resources for matching grants for any state party that secures funding and develops an organizing plan for fellowships or staff in rural counties.