Keith has used grassroots organizing to transform his moderate-turnout district into the highest performing district in the state, contributing to the wins of other Minnesota Democrats. This grassroots work includes intentional youth-focused organizing on campus as well as organizing in apartment buildings, building a database of over 20,000 multi-unit dwellings. The DNC can replicate these successes.  

The DNC must:

  1. Study and disseminate best practices for effective field organizing – including youth organizing – to candidates on all levels. 
  2. Assist with on-the-ground staff to vet polling place and early voting locations on college campuses at a national and state level.
  3. Engage in DNC-level planning to protect against voter suppression, including fighting legislation making it harder for students to vote.
  4. Engage young people in expanding their rights and opportunities to vote, by giving them the tools to support and organize around legislation for same-day voter registration, automatic voter registration, early voting and vote by mail.