Keith is a career organizer. A tireless advocate, he pounds the pavement during labor strikes, has a passion for door knocking, and traveled to nearly 30 states in the last two years working for Democratic candidates at all levels. His active grassroots campaigns have helped boost voter turnout in his district to one of the highest in the country.


Keith has strong support from an expansive national network of progressive advocates and labor leaders, and a demonstrated ability to speak to and excite Democratic activists around the country.


Keith campaigned nonstop for Secretary Clinton in the general election after being an early supporter of Senator Sanders. He knows Democrats must be unified to push back the right wing and maximize the electoral opportunities of a Trump presidency.

Keith has raised millions for the DCCC, state and local parties, and Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.


Keith is one of the best, most popular messengers we have. He will stand against Trump’s efforts to divide and marginalize our allies and friends, bringing a war-room mentality to the DNC to take on the Trump White House and right-wing legislatures.