SIGN-ON: Join Keith Ellison's campaign for DNC Chair

This election cycle, we did not motivate enough people to the ballot box.

We must champion working families and give voters a reason to show up at the polls in 2018 and beyond.

We must build a bench not just for federal candidates, but for state and local candidates across the nation. 
We also need a robust party organization in every state that prioritizes voter relationships over everything else.

We must invest in and empower our state and local parties by creating effective field operations, an enhanced and advanced voter file, and a culture of collaboration between candidates at every level. Let's put the voters first.

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"I've had numerous conversations with Keith about the importance of organizing on the ground in 2017, rebuilding our party from the ground up, and harnessing the energy of grassroots Democrats. Keith's desire to refocus the DNC on our local communities and local party organizations is exactly in line with what we plan to do in Michigan. That is why I am honored to support Keith Ellison. Not only is Keith a Detroit native that understands Michigan, he is an organizer that can unify our party and raise the resources to win in 2018 and beyond."
– Michigan State Party Chair Brandon Dillon
"Keith and I have had the chance to work together many times over the past several years. I’ve watched up close as he has pushed hard to try to hold Wall Street accountable through his work on House Financial Services, and he has consistently exercised bold leadership for the Congressional Progressive Caucus. I admire Keith’s values, his grit, and his dedication to making this country work not just for some of our kids but for all of them. I’m proud to support his candidacy for Chair of the Democratic National Committee."
– Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA)

“I saw what kind of leader Keith Ellison was when we served in Congress together, and when I was the Secretary of Labor. He has a work ethic and commitment like no other. Whether it was on the floor of the House of Representatives, on the picket line, or in meetings with government officials, Keith always prioritized one thing: working families. That's the kind of Chair we need at the DNC. Someone who knows the stakes and knows the people fighting on the front lines. Keith Ellison is that person, and I have no doubt in my mind that he will be able to do the job effectively.”
–Former United States Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis
“Keith Ellison is a principled progressive, a shrewd strategist and one of the nation’s most tenacious fighters for working families. As a superb organizer, a talented communicator and a keen listener, he’s got all the attributes a successful party chair needs. As a DNC member, I am proud to personally endorse his candidacy and look forward to working with him.”
–President of AFSCME Lee Saunders
“The Democratic Party stands at a crossroads, and needs leadership that will expand our vision to more Americans -- while also intensifying our commitment to our core values. Keith Ellison is that leader. A grassroots organizer, he has delivered real results like increased voter turnout in his native Minnesota. A passionate fighter for economic fairness, he will pursue an opportunity agenda for Americans who have felt left behind; a unifier who worked tirelessly for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, he will bring the party and the grassroots together while broadening and deepening the Democratic Party's connections to the American people. At this critical threshold, Keith Ellison is the leader we need to defend our principles, move the party forward and begin to take our country back from a dangerous right-wing agenda. I am proud to endorse him for DNC Chairman.”
–New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio