Keith Ellison Receives AFL-CIO Endorsement for DNC Chair

Washington, DC – Earlier today, Keith Ellison was endorsed overwhelmingly by the AFL-CIO, which represents 12 million workers and 56 national and international unions. After the endorsement, Keith Ellison and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka released the following statements:

Statement from Keith Ellison on DNC Chair Race

Washington, DC – Keith Ellison released the following statement on the DNC Chair race:

“Since I threw my hat in the ring a few weeks ago for the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, I have had the privilege, pleasure, and benefit of listening to a great many party activists, including folks with long years of service and those brand new to the party. I have learned one thing: Democrats are ready for a massive come back.

Keith Ellison Unveils DNC Platform

Washington, DC – Keith Ellison unveiled his platform for the Democratic National Committee. In the platform, Ellison lays out his plan for returning Democrats to elected offices across the country at all levels of government – from city council to governor to the presidency.

Keith Ellison’s radical plan to save the Democratic Party

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) — the first Muslim ever elected to Congress as well as the first black congressman from Minnesota — is gunning for the job. A leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, one of the few members of Congress to back Bernie Sanders in the primary, and the representative of a midwestern swing state, Ellison argues he is uniquely qualified to be the face of a party attempting to come back swinging from a series of devastating losses

Keith Ellison Rolls Out 35 Additional Endorsements and Statements of Support

Washington, DC – Keith Ellison rolled out 35 additional endorsements and statements of support for becoming Chair of the DNC, including Former United States Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, United States Senator Tammy Baldwin, Former Iowa Senate Majority Leader and current President of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Mike Gronstal, Members of Congress, City Councilmembers from across the country, the United Steelworkers, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Keith Ellison Statement on Support for Israel

Washington, DC – Keith Ellison released the following statement today on his support for the state of Israel and a two-state solution:

“I support Israel. And I have long supported a two-state solution and a democratic and secure state for the Jewish people, with a democratic and viable Palestinian state side-by-side in peace and dignity.

Keith Ellison Announces Endorsements and Support from Labor Leaders

Washington, DC – Keith Ellison announced two major endorsements for his candidacy to become Chair of the DNC, from Lee Saunders, DNC Member and President of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and Randi Weingarten, President of American Federation of Teachers.

“Keith Ellison is a principled progressive, a shrewd strategist and one of the nation’s most tenacious fighters for working families,” said Saunders. “He’s as comfortable in the union hall as he is in the halls of Congress, and he is exactly the right person to lead a diverse, dynamic Democratic Party at this critical time. Keith understands that the party’s strength is at the grassroots. He will invest in voter programs and build party infrastructure from the bottom up. As a superb organizer, a talented communicator and a keen listener, he’s got all the attributes a successful party chair needs. As a DNC member, I am proud to personally endorse his candidacy and look forward to working with him.”